When it comes to running a successful business your website is the best marketing tool in your arsenal. A great website design can make a huge impact on your business and the leads you are bringing in. But if you’re not careful, you could be making some mistakes that can really turn users off from continuing to navigate through your website.

In this article we are going to go through some of the mistakes some developers make when building a website for their clients, and why hiring the right web design company can help you avoid them.

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Responsive Website Design

The first item on our list is number 1 for a reason, as it is the most important. Having a responsive and mobile friendly website design is crucial for many reasons, but the 2 main reasons being:

  1. Search Engine Positioning – These days the search engines are really cracking down on websites that are not responsive. If you do not have a responsive web design you are going to drop off or disappear from the search engines completely. For instance if you are looking to be found under city specific keywords like: kelowna website design, or Kelowna web design, and your website is not mobile friendly, your competition is going to rank higher than you in the search engines.
  2. User Experience – The user experience is the most important factor in generating leads from your website. If a user is not able to easily see and navigate your website on a mobile device, they will most likely move onto a competitor’s site who has a mobile friendly website design.

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Website Speed

Another extremely important point in this list is the speed of your website. The load time and overall speed of your entire site is important on both desktop and mobile. If you are using a web design company that has not run your website through a page speed checker, it can really negatively affect your website and business.

Google has now made it known that it will be checking the page speed score of a website and that it will affect the rank of your website in Google. Using the Google Pagespeed Insight tool, you can have your Kelowna website design company check and optimize your website to make sure the score is up to par in Google.

One of the main issues that can cause a low page score is the size of the images on your website. Everyone wants to have nice big imagery on their site, as it can really catch the users eye, but if the size and quantity of the images on the site are too large and slowing down the page, then they’re actually working against you. Make sure the images on your website are optimized to the lowest file size you can make them (without losing all of the image quality all together).

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Calls to Action

Having a great looking website design is one thing, but it also needs to function for the user and also bring you leads. Calls to Action are the best way to help the user find what they want or contact you as easily and quickly as possible.

If your web design has no calls to action, your users are basically going in blind and having to spend way too much time trying to find what they want, and will get frustrated and leave your website.

We utilize many calls to action on our website, and a good example of this would be to have a section of your homepage with a nice photo and some large text next to it, saying something like “Contact the best Kelowna website design company, to get more information about a website.” As well as a button that allows the user to contact you.

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Social Media Links

Another common mistake some developers make are the links, or lack thereof, to your social media accounts. There are 2 types of mistakes when it comes to this, either your developer doesn’t include the links at all, or the links are opening in the same tab or window, taking the user away from your site.

Having links to your social media in your website is crucial to gaining followers, as well as traffic to your social media accounts. If your website is not driving traffic to your social media, it is not doing its job.

If the links are present on your website, but your website design is not opening them in a new tab, they are just driving people away from your website. You do of course want users to see your social media accounts, but having them open in a new tab ensures that the user can very easily get back to your website with just one click.

In conclusion, there are some crucial mistakes your website design company can make, and these are some of the most important mistakes you want to avoid. If you have noticed these things in your website, contact us at Atomic55, the best Kelowna website design company (Calls to Action work in article as well!), to get a free second opinion today!