I think if Barny Stinson first started off reading about this new Tweet technology associated around bras, he would of had the App download before you could say LEGEN…wait for it….DARY. But to his shock this wearable technology is not to inform Tweeters when a certain person bra is unhooked to notify others you are getting lucky or naked. This is to set to send Tweets to promote breast cancer awareness which is to remind your followers to get breast exams. In the past the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CIBC) raised $26.5 million creating awareness and developing promotions such as this to hopefully one day discover a cure or prevent an illness is becoming more practical and useful.


movemberAtomic55 is also in the fight this coming November with the staff growing what they call mustaches to raise money for prostate cancer. If you would like to donate money, find the link to support our cause and help us grow our premature petty mustaches. So far $25 million dollars has been raised world wild from one single organization for Movember so lets keep going!!

Thank You