What a surprise; it turns out we were right when we said the iPhone 5 was nothing to get excited about. The one big factor playing into the lack of hype and letigimate excitement for this phone’s flopped release was the lack of secrecy involved, as opposed to when Steve Jobs was still running the show and barely any leaks were to be found for impending releases. The iPhone5 was known about and literally seen for quite some time before the release, leaving very little to the imagination. But if we really want to talk about lacking imagination, we can look to Apple’s product developers, who obviously didn’t really know what to do next with the iPhone.

Instead of releasing a new device that actually competes with its predecessors or what’s currently controlling the market, the iPhone5 is only doing one thing – keeping up with the competition. The increase in the screen size and processor upgrade were the only two noteworthy upgrades made to the iPhone5, but even at that it still doesn’t manage to beat out most phones on the market. They advertised that it would also be the world’s thinnest smartphone, yet the Motorola DROID RAZR is in fact the thinnest by a whole half centimeter, and it’s been out since November 2011… What’s the deal with that guys?! Running out of ideas? Can’t handle the heat? Sounds to us like it’s time for Apple to step out of the kitchen, stick to computers, and leave smartphones to those who put out legitimately new and exciting devices, such as those parttaking in the Android umbrella.

On top of all this, Apple decided to further piss off skrew over (you can’t be mad if you’re an Apple-obsessed consumer…they don’t feel anger, only attraction to shiny new Apple logos) their consumer base and release a device that’s making every 30-pin connector (which they’ve produced for years with no signs of changing it) compatible device and accessory ever purchased to be compatible with your iPhone completely obsolete. The new lightning connector has put Apple in a unique position where not only are their customers going to fight and claw their way to the new iPhone5 (despite it’s being little to no different than the iPhone 4S) but they’re going to have to buy an adapter, or throw out all of their old accessories and replace them.

All-in-all, the iPhone5 release and post-announcement hype are a total snoozefest. Realistically, if you have an iPhone4S, you have an iPhone5. You’re only missing out on a screen that’s a fraction bigger, a processor nobody’s ever heard of, and a “new and exciting feature” rendering your previously Apple-devoted product add-ons and accessories useless, unless you buy the shiny new Apple adapter for $35.00. Here’s an idea guys – how about including the adapter with the new phones to prove to your unknowingly hopeless yet willingly addicted consumer base that you care at least a tiny bit about them?! You’re the most valuable company EVER…pretty sure you can afford it.

And may the 30-pin connector Rest In Peace

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image courtesy of Dennis Goedegebuure