Since Apple’s announcement of their press conference September 12th the internet has been flooded with is suspicion upon rumor upon unverified detail about the fabled iPhone 5. The only surfaced and questionably legitimate leak of the iPhone 5 (which will presumably not be numbered just like the newest release of the iPad, which was expected to be called the iPad 3) can be seen below in a direct size and body comparison video – but don’t get too excited, because it’s really nothing to lose sleep over:

As you can see, the allegedly new iPhone has had a bit of a facelift by being given a slightly bigger screen, a new usb/charging port – which is rumored to be a micro-magnetic hook-up, similar to those found on the more recent generations of MacBook Pro’s, which will in turn make all of your Apple accessories obsolete (nice going guys) – and re-designed speakers along with a bottom-facing headphone jack. not to mention there will also most likely be an upgraded OS, but don’t hold your breath, because chances are it won’t be available on any device except for this one and maaaybe the iPhone4S.

Now, before deciding to re-mortgage your house or re-finance your vehicle to be able to afford one of these shiny new Apple products without knowing what it really even does or looks like, we’re advising you to consider Apple’s most recent technological unveilings and how anti-climactic they were. No?! Blasphemy you say? Calm down and let us explain before you pop that protruding and slightly intimidating forehead vein.

Let’s start by looking at the iPhone. This device didn’t receive much of a facelift until the iPhone4 came along, which was a notable improvement and change from the iPhone3 and Pphone3S in terms of shape, OS, and hardware. The first 3 generations of iPhone all virtually looked the some with minor design and hardware upgrades or tweaks made to each new version. Once they trickled this design to the point of being drawn out, they released the iPhone 3S. Once people got bored of it, they then decided to change the body, add a bit better of a camera, and say “VOILA! The newest greatest technological marvel to ever grace the face of Earth’s mediocre existence – the iPhone4” Well…maybe not quite like that, but pretty close. Once the iPhone4 was released, Apple bode their time until releasing the iPhone4S, which looked exactly the freakin’ same, and yet again had a couple minor hardware tweaks made to it.

Do you see what we’re starting to get at here? There’s some brilliance and ruse involved in Apple’s marketing campaign and device releases which is created by placing a veil of secrecy over all projects until their release; however this really isn’t benefiting the consumer at all, which nobody has seemed to realize. Apple, instead of releasing a single device that reaches the height of their technological capacity and ability instead bides their time and very slowly trickles their ideas out through like-devices with minor feature adjustments, all to string along the iSlaves by their iLeashes right into their iClutches for yet another dose of shiny new Apple products. Think we’re crazy? Alright, let’s try that again by looking at the iPad.

The iPad follows the same legacy as the iPhone. The first generation was released, which really wasn’t that impressive of a device considering it’s lack of a camera and proper app formatting. Then the next generation – the iPad2 – was released with minor hardware upgrades and front and back facing cameras. Now, the New iPad has been released and, hey, what a surprise, the only thing they improved or changed was the display…please tell me you’re seeing the trend now…

We’re not saying the New iPhone or iPhone5 or whatever you want to call it is going to suck. We’re techies too and we’re just as excited as you are to get our hands on the new device and see what the hype’s all about…we’re just saying that getting your hopes up may lead you down an already traffic-jammed path of disappointment that Apple has paved for their consumer audience. Let’s seriously cross our fingers though and hope that this (yet again) highly anticipated release lives up to the hype, because the last ones have been frankly boring. The only actually new and exciting product that Apple has released in the past few years was the New MacBook Pro With Retina Display – a large step up from its predecessor, yet they still manufacture and sell the old generation of MacBook Pro with (what a surprise) a slight OS upgrade and minor hardware improvements. Apple, Stop stringing us along and give us something worth raving about…please.

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What are your predictions for the iPhone5? Are we totally out to lunch to think that this device is piggybacking its predecessors and just put on a new change of clothes? Or will there be some serious changes that are worth a dose of honest excitement? Let us know your thoughts on Twitter, Facebook, and in the comment section below. After all, who doesn’t like a nice virtual argument once in a while?

image courtesy of marcopako 