The internet has proved itself yet again to be the most interesting creature we are yet to encounter. Surfing through cyberspace for quite some time have been all sorts of unique groups and characters, however none seem to step up to the place like these guys have.

Anonymous, as they call themselves, are a ghost-like group/person/nobodyreallyknows who have taken it upon themselves to expose corruption and injustice in those who are in elected or appointed positions of power. For instance, Anonymous has deemed today the beginning of their #F***FBIFriday campaign, via their very popular Twitter account.

Today, Anonymous have already accomplished a fair few things. They have hacked the Boston Police Department’s website, which has now been taken down until further notice; they have hacked Homeland Security’s website; they have hacked, recorded, and made publicly available, an FBI/Scotland Yard conference call, and these aren’t even the most drastic of events to take place.

The main course of action that Anonymous have taken and successfully accomplished today is their public release of over 3GB of e-mails and evidence used in a case against Marine Sgt. Frank Wuterich, who was the leader of an assault on 24 unarmed Iraqis in 2005, who’s punishment was a reduction of rank, a pay cut and no jail time. In conjunction with this exposure of information, Anonymous also left a lengthy letter explaining more about their cause and motives on the Boston PD’s home page, which ended with the taunting line “Do you really want to step to this??”, presumably directed at the authorities who are attempting to stop future Anonymous incidents from occurring. The full letter can be read here:

What do you think? Are Anonymous the modern “Robin Hood” organization they are proclaimed to be? Is this digital warfare going too far?  Join the conversation and share your thoughts with us on Twitter.


photo courtesy of Sklathill