If you, like us, have ever had the opportunity to meet somebody who doesn’t have a social media account, do you immediately ask them WHY? We do…there’s just something weird about not having a social media account or some shape or form nowadays. People borderline base eachothers’ existence on social media accounts. So what’s the crack? Why resist it? There’s the obvious excuse of not knowing how to use a computer…but by God, that doesn’t make it a reasonable one. What ever happened to adaptability? This goes back to the post we made about how people whine about not seeing people in person enough and how a lot of communicating is done via digital methods…adapt or die. That’s it. But for some reason, we live in a time where people are able to postpone and make excuses for their lack of adaptability in society. Well, guess what, now your excuses and lack of ambition have granted you the possible title of a literal sociopath. Hope you’re happy!

The caption in the photo really speaks true to the issue at hand…people, for some reason or another, don’t like change. But why?! Everything humanity has ever achieved has been based on wishing for and achieving change; and the digital era is no different. If you don’t take part, people will most definitely question, not only your existence and sanity, but your will to keep up with society, should you fail keep with the times. It’s the cold and honest truth. For example, when’s the last time you met someone that had a black and white television? Starting to see our point?

We can guarantee you that nearly every job interview that you go to nowadays, the second you leave the building (or before you even get there) the people who work there and the person who interviewed you are checking you out on Facebook, Twitter, and even LinkedIn to figure out what drunken debauchery you were up to this weekend. If you don’t have a social media account, don’t be proud – be embarassed! It’s actually detrimental to you, because if you don’t have one, it raises the question of “What are they hiding?”

All you doubters are sitting there reading this going “No. Freakin. Way. That’s just stupid to think that.” No no, au contraire, you’re the stupid one. Sorry, it’s true. Without going around in circles…let us give you a couple examples. James Holmes, the guy who opened fire in a movie theatre on the opening night of the new Batman movie on July 20th, doesn’t have any social media accounts. Wade Michael Page, the neo-Nazi white supremist who opened fire in a Sikh temple in Wisconsin on August 5th – no social media accounts. Both sociopaths, both crazy, both without social media…starting to see the picture?

In Conclusion

Sadly, those who need to read this post the most, probably won’t even see it because they’re hiding behind a regressive veil of stubbornness and technological handicaps, refuting “joining the masses” or “giving in to the hype” of social media. So the next time you meet somebody that doesn’t have a Facebook account, or any other social media marketing, take our advice and slooowly back away…After all, if you upset them, it’s not like they stand a chance at finding you without Facebook.

photo courtesy of somegeekintn