Alright, we’ve got a score to settle with all you Lawyers/Accountants/Realtors/Dentists/Doctors/Car Salesmen/Investors/Mortgage Brokers/Whoever else…your face is NOT your logo!! It’s unfortunate that a business’ branding can suffer so deeply by having nothing but people’s faces plastered on business cards, signs, billboards, letterheads, whatever…it’s frankly embarrassing. Be a grown up and get some proper branding done. At least hire out a designer to create some basic graphics and logos for your business instead of cheaply taking a picture yourself against your wallpaper in the living room, and the slapping it on your business card, then throwing some generic font with your name beside it.

This is not marketing

We get that it’s important for people to remember who you are, but if you need to leave your face on everything so that people remember you, you’re doing something wrong. Make a good enough impression as a career driven professional so that not only does your client remember your face, but most importantly, the business that you are representing. Logos and branding do not change, age, or wrinkle. Good branding should be timeless and memorable, and make your business identifiable

The other pitfall about using your face in place of a proper logo, is that it’s frankly typical in many businesses. Step outside the box and make your brand different and engaging instead of falling in line for your face shots. Making your brand identifiable through good marketing amongst a blandly branded crowd is a great way to create leads and draw attention from new clients, because you’re portraying the message of being creative, innovative, and unique. The advantage to this is that you will no longer be identified as “some salesperson” or “just another realtor”, but you will be achieving proper brand recognition through your marketing…that’s how you make it work.

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photo courtesy of osde8info