***UPDATE*** Thanks for the concern everyone!  Cory is just fine.  I repeat he is OKAY.  He wasn’t harmed during this blog post.

Every office has a jackass person who takes the office too seriously. Ours is named Jose Alejandro (names have been changed to protect the Google searches). He steals sandwiches, eats expired food, tells us to turn the volume down on the music and he has taken over the boardroom as his own office.  We decided to have a little contest and design a poster to drive the point home.  While Cory Jore was on ‘lunch’ we plastered the boardroom door. Actually, we were only able to get three posters designed, so plastering is a little extreme. Everyone else was too chicken to design them. They thought he might get ‘upset’ with us.

Surprisingly, he had a sense of humor about it.

Does anyone else have a guy or girl like this in their office? Do you think we were/are to hard on Jore? Do you think we are discriminating against him because he’s older than the rest of us? Do you think he got the point and started to work back at his real desk?