We’ve got a bone to pick with a Forbes article we came across entitled ‘The Hidden Benefits of Social Media Marketing Why Your Strategy May Be Working Better Than You Think.’ Now, we feel the need to clarify a few things, because the picture these guys are painting is damn-near upside down.

Forbes has delightfully placed the most random list of ‘advantages’ to being active with social media accounts, varying from points that are an absolute plain-as-day given, to ones that are complete long-shots and don’t really ever happen unless you’ve got a vigorous campaign established, which is pretty unfair to both clients and social media ‘experts’. It’s unfair to the clients because it gives off the impression that all they need to do is the bare minimum to get in on a piece of the action, and it’s unfair to the ‘experts’ because it makes what they do look like child’s play. It’s a pretty tedious and intricate ordeal to develop and execute an effective social media campaign from which the organization sees gains such as these miraculous ‘snowball effects’ and ‘Big Wins’.

Chances are that you probably won’t get to dig in to these advantages. That’s not to say that some of these points aren’t good to make and that they won’t help your business. You’ll most certainly benefit from the brand visibility, recognition, exposure, website traffic, and being ‘on the curve’ rather than ‘ahead’ of it, because, let’s face it, that curve peaked a while ago and it’s no secret that this is the face of a new game…so let’s not give ourselves too much credit.

Because of certain articles it’s no wonder the term ‘social media’ is seen as such a joke these days. Being ‘in’ on social media doesn’t count if you’ve shelled out the bare minimum. You only have a LinkedIn account?! And you haven’t been personally asked by CNN to do a two-page spread about your local clothing store? Startling…

This bare minimum attempt doesn’t pass as acceptable. Not even a little bit. But then you wonder why your page isn’t experiencing all the miracles you’ve read about? Gasp! They Lied! Yeah, no shit buddy. Are you surprised? Of course everybody’s out to make it sound as easy as possible – if there’s one thing you can count on, it’s for human beings to discredit eachother without remorse. So now you’re left with your mouse in your hand wondering what the hell to do next?

There’s a reason ‘social media experts’ exist, and it’s to deal with technologically depraved victims like yourself. All of this ‘gimme’ crap that other article talked about like ‘Big Wins’ and ‘snowball effects’ are pretty big oversights to just toss into the ringer with basic elements that actually DO fall into the ‘you’re barely even trying’ category. This is a hella confusing list and should probably disbarred. It’s just not fair to pass off information like this to people who have absolutely zero clue what they’re talking about. It gives them the way-wrong idea; the idea that they’ve ‘got it’ by creating a ‘Suzie’s Horses’ Facebook page, taking a picture of the ranch, making it your timeline photo, and expecting the sign-ups to start crawling at your property line for a chance to get onto your goods – it doesn’t work like that.

In Conclusion

If that last bit sounded a lot like you, put down your drink, stop crying, and get in touch with us. We’ll help you wipe your tears, clean up your act, and get a Lamborghini of a social media campaign sorted out for you to brag all over town about.

image courtesy of DoodleDeMoon