It’s a dirty job, but as they say someone’s gotta do it.  We’re talking about going through all those projects and all that work, that’s been completed in the last two years and painfullystakingly, organizing, screen capping, writing, re-writing, proofing and posting it to our latest online portfolio. This one’s just for us, folks.

We try and take some time for ourselves every other September (the real New Year’s for business owners) and focus a little, love and attention on our own biz-nass.  So to keep it short and sweet. Here it is. A showcase of work- for you, our potential clients, to comb through for inspiration.  And for you, our beloved competition, to slam (don’t worry- your secret’s safe with us. The potential client’s you turn off by slamming us – not so much).

So enjoy. Let us know your comments. And hey, go easy on us. After all, we only gave ourselves 7 days of dedication.