Clash Of The Titans

The walls are closing in as the social media phenomenon titans Myspace and Facebook near-simultaneously experimented with new roll-outs over the past month.

For those of you who weren’t around for the Myspace hype the first time, they were basically running the show for social media, period, for quite some time until Facebook came along and plowed it like a field. Myspace was left in the woods, wounded and crying, while Facebook stole its clothes and ran off with them…it’s a sad story really. Days, months, years passed as Facebook’s popularity skyrocketed while Myspace slunk into hiding, discarded as quickly as VHS in the dawn of DVD’s.

New kids entered the game like Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest, showing no signs of trouble keeping up with the times. We’re not sure why, or where, but one day Myspace decided to wipe the running mascara off its face, hit the gym, and get a full-blown makeover. Now preparing for its red-carpet unveiling, Myspace is the most highly-anticipated social media revelation to hit cyberspace. Facebook, in its typically jealous and self-conscious form, is getting worried. ‘How can I stay relevant?’ it asks.

In an attempt to wow users away from the new Myspace, who has been sending beta invites to eager and early subscribers (They event sent us an e-mail last night reminding us that they’ll be ready soon. How courteous of them.) , Facebook decided to show off its new colours. Not literally; come on now, that’d be silly. If they got rid of or changed from their currently staple and immediately recognizable blue, the internet would have a meltdown trying to decipher the ‘Who, What, Where, When, Why and How’ of it all, and that would just be too stressful. Instead, Facebook’s trying out a some fancy new timeline features to try and ease and improve the user experience…but will it be enough?

People love new things. Especially shiny new things. Not only is Myspace’s new roll-out boasting unprecedented and aesthetically delightful user interface, but it’s even got some silver colourway added in there. Shiny and new. Nailed it.

The new Myspace is a highly anticipated release to say the least. To learn more about it, check out the following video, and/or our blog post about it – The New Myspace Roll-out Could Save Their Ass

image courtesy of arthwollipot