It must be that time of year as dually noted in the title – application time. Lately we have been inundated with applications, drop-ins, resume fly-bys and phone calls for ‘the hiring manager’.  So I decided it would be a good idea to give some feedback to prospective job hunters.

1) We are a creative agency.  Dropping off a resume you made in Word 2000 does not suffice – it ends up in the trash-ola kids.

2) We are a digital agency. Unless your resume paper is made from gilded gold or cheddar cheese that’s been folded into Origami – we’d generally prefer to view your stuff online.

3) We are busy!  The only reason we might be able to hire you is if we’re constantly in meetings and working. It’s a nutty concept – I realize.  But at any rate this does indicate that just ‘swinging in’ without an appointment is likely just going to piss someone off.   No one likes to be interrupted whilst working even if they are just taking 15mins of time to F%$& the proverbial dog.  The biggest no-no you’re going to do in this scenario however, is piss off your potential co-workers,  who will be forced to turn down the tunes while they address you at the front counter and have to fetch someone like me to read over your Word 2000 resume – we all know the outcome in that scenario.

Hope that helps job hunters!

Just to sum it up:

Be creative with your application, send it via the Internets and don’t just drop in on us (Surrrrpppprise!), unless you’re bringing beer, free tickets to something good or your application is performance art based and that’s just your gig.  Point is – you better have something more to offer us than 2 pieces of paper stapled together.

Our careers page is coming this week.  There aren’t any paid postings available at this time. Don’t take it too hard.