Apple wants to own your ass and Chanel wants to accessorize it

Well so far I have no fans at all not a #1 or a #2, but that’s ok. I’m not going to let my narcissism get in the way of my goals – again. Not really sure what I should talk about today, but let’s go with the iPad.

Normally, I hate Apple.  I think they’re bullies. I think they’re a lot of what’s wrong with huge corporations trying to pretend they’re on everyone’s side.  The friendly and always so trendy Apple. I think the main thing that irks me about the Apple is the fact that I can’t get Grooveshark to work on  my iPad.  That made me have a really bad day.  I love Grooveshark and I was very sad when I did some research and read this .  I suppose I could blame Universal Music, but more and more I just want to blame Apple.

Sometimes I think it’s not the company I dislike so much but maybe it’s actually the Apple luvva-luvvahs.  Not all of them, just the outspoken #1 and #2 Apple luvva-luvvah fans.  They’re all so self righteous those Mac and Apple users.  You know the people I’m talking about?  Hipper than hip hipsters that think that just because they have an Apple product they’re the shit?  The kind of people that rock vintage clothes, ride around on cruiser bikes on the sidewalk without helmets and they’re all aspiring artists, writers and web developers that have a fundamental love for everything technological and aesthetically pleasing?  I’m not above stereotyping in case you haven’t notices.  Fair warning- I’m also a hypocrite.   But really, why can’t these people ride their long boards flaunting their Dells?  At least Dell doesn’t pretend to not be a corporation. Dell doesn’t pretend to be anything other than a mass producer of shitty Windows products.

Anyways…I really like the iPad aside from the stuff I said above. It’s fun. It’s a good diversion.  I think my favorite app right now is Chicktionary.  It’s intense. Especially, when you do the speed play option.  I like that my Dad thought the iPad was a phone. That made me chuckle – like it’s a huge phone. He asked how you answer it.  How would you answer that mammoth?  Someone told me you could get Skype on it and then it really could be  a phone.  I haven’t tried it.  I live in fear that Apple may also be blocking Skype in their effort to control content. It would upset me even further.  I think one of the greatest things about the iPad has to be the accessories you can buy. I love accessories.  I spend a great deal of time and effort accessorizing in the morning.  It’s another way for me to spend money.  I thought I would show you the iPad case that I want.

Check this out!

These are really cool.  They are re-purposed from WWII military bags.  This is what they say on Temple straight from the creators’s your chance to own a piece of history as the canvas we use was once used in WWII.”


I wonder if I buy one if there’s a chance that it will come with blood stains.  Or do you think all the bags came from “old stock” that never actually saw battle?

I also found this iPad case online.  It’s made by Chanel.  This is more my style but only because it’s outrageously expensive, brand name and therefore must be deemed as luxury.

This case is actually more expensive than the iPad itself.  Not just the cheapy lo-fi one either.  The top of the line iPad.  It comes in at roughly $1500.00.  Do you think somethings wrong when the technology costs less than the accessory to hold it does?  I don’t. I love that.

I wonder if there are other accessories for my accessory that I would like too.  I was trying to find speakers that would pump.  But when my dreams of running Grooveshark were quashed. I decided to stop looking.  For those of you who like links and/or live under rocks and don’t know about any of these products I’ll give you some links.

I even posted a link to Apple.  Do you think it’s wrong of me to sterotype?  Do you think that Apple would be mad?  Do you think they could block future apps from me if they found out?  Do you think that hipster long boarders might be upset if they found out I said they all rocked the vintage steez?  What kind of accessories are you looking for to outfit your iPad with?  Do you think the shipping that Temple is charging to Canadians is outrageous?  Do you think that will deter Canadians from ordering?  Do you think that they want it that way anyway?  Do you think it’s because Canadians didn’t have a significant enough role in WWII?