Just like the title of this post reads, I was a busy little Internet beaver this week. I felt kind of like Christopher Columbus, but rather than discover something profound like new land masses, I stumbled upon some new social media apps and stuff.  In the process I also found myself overwhelmed at how much ‘social’ stuff is out there now.  It seems as though there are a lot of companies trying to improve upon what the last guy did in an attempt to make a better product, which is cool in theory, but it certainly makes deciding how to waste your time with social media a lot harder.

At any rate these were the NKOTB (for those of you that weren’t early 90’s boy band fans that’s short for New Kids on the Block) that I found and that I am kind of digging so far. Some of these are social media related, some are just cool sites and some are just not meant to be categorized, but might help you in your quest to be…something.

http://about.me – I realize this  isn’t exactly new, but I finally took the time to set up an account and I am 100% kicking myself for not doing it earlier.  If you have multiple social media accounts, websites, blogs etc. and have ever thought to yourself –  How can I remember all of the accounts I have? Or more importantly. How can I fit all of these links in my email signature? Well about.me is your answer.  Trust me- set up your account and do it now.  No seriously, don’t even read the rest of this. just. go. do. it.  Look me up while you’re there of course.

Sonar – This one is pretty cool, but I’m still trying to figure out how it will work in smaller centers. It makes complete sense if you live, work, play in big places, but jury’s out with me on the effectiveness of this in a place where it’s the same damn people at every networking event and you all know each other already. So revolutionary? Yes.  Cool?  100%.  Worth signing up for? Why not. I did.

Color – Meh.  I think this one could easily disappear from my online life and I wouldn’t even notice it was gone.  Again, this is a larger center kind of app.  I think it’s something to use when visiting the Big Apple.  I tried it while in Seattle a few weeks ago and got nothing from it either, so it lost some big points there.

Spenz – This is a keeper.  I am really excited to dive into this a little further and see how effective it is.  This is one of those apps that once you get used to tapping into it regularly and start seeing the benefits of consistency, it will become a life (bank account) saver.  This is one I’m committing to use and in my opinion is truly, truly, original.  These guys have just launched this week to great fanfare, so it will be really cool to see where they go as they move forward.

Square Up – I can see this being huge in the future for local transactional and gateway solutions.  Not something that we need with our businesses, but I can think of tons (every) local retailer that could benefit from this solution.  It’s on my radar to watch.

In conclusion

That’s it for app-dates. Even rehashing some of these now has given me a headache.  Mainly because I’m still thinking about the ones I haven’t had time to list here. So much out there. So little time.  Someone needs to invent an app that feeds my brain directly into all of my SM accounts without typing. That’s something I could really get behind.