So there have been a few posts, couple of random tweets and some gossipy grumblings and I can finally confirm it”s all true!  Except for that thing about the donkey – that was way off base, it was a goat and it didn”t happen the way they said it did. Anyway.

We’re on the move

We have sold our lovely, beautiful, amazing to come to work to everyday office!  Bitter sweet.  Bitter because it is a truly gorgeous place to call work and sweet because we will finally have the room we need to continue our growth to the tune of an extra 1000 sq/ft.  The new space is not as pretty (yet) but I implore anyone to try and find a space with less than 15 days to sign a lease.  We looked at some gorgeous soft shells out in South Pandosy, we avoided the soul-less village in the heart of the city with all our might and we toured rat bag heaven here in the downtown core.  With only six days left until we were out on our keesters we finally signed on to our new home yesterday.

Being the creative types, we see a lot of potential with the new space.  For one, we are still downtown.  We can”t quit you downtown – much love. We were thisclose to Pandosy Village, but the stars just wouldn”t align and we had this horrible feeling that we were cheating on downtown with the newer, shinier South Pandosy area. It was a brief mid-life-company crisis, which we thankfully avoided.  For two, we have some pretty fun and funky plans for the new digs.  We only have six days to move (that’s a stressful sentence-read it again), so to start it”s nothing more than new flooring and paint, but it will be so much more soon enough.  Once I have the concept designs I will definitely share.  For three, it looks like we”ll have some neighbors in our industry close by.  We”ve never really had industry friends before, but we”re kind of warming up to the idea of playing nice.  We”re also pretty pumped about the free parking.

But the most important announcement comes in the form of a large word called amalgamation.  We”re pulling all of our little company eggs back to the mother ship.  For those of you that don’t know we have another little juggernaut of a company called VUE Technologies.  VUE has been a wildly prosperous company, doubling its revenue every year it has been in operation. We have decided to pull VUE back into the Atomic fold and combine our corporate resources. United and stronger we grow.  We’ll all be going by the name of Atomic 55, but we’ll just be offering the services of VUE through Atomic now. Most people won’t even notice the difference or change, but for us it’s pretty significant and for our lawyers, accountants, bookkeepers and bankers it’s been their nightmare.

So check back in the next couple of weeks.  We should have the new website up soon-ish (yea right) and we”ll be inhabiting the new space Wednesday July 13th, 2011.