Facebook will be updating their ‘Pages’ soon, to the new Timeline format that has been optional up until now. Changes to the Pages layouts will be permanently changed within a few weeks.

And here’s why you shouldn’t waste any time jumping on board with this great new Facebook trend

The new Timeline features two options for graphics: a small, square icon sized area for a photo, and then the mother-load: the ‘cover’ photo, a massive banner-styled area for graphic placement. Now, why has this got a big part to play with your business? Think long and hard, and you might get it…

Ok, we’ll tell you. Advertising space! The cover photo is a perfect opportunity to advertise your business, promotions, new products (or yourself even). The benefit of this is that no page viewer will miss a great big banner going straight across the top of your Facebook’s home page. Every time somebody views your page, ta-dah: your banner graphic is front and center! There isn’t a better page layout that you could’ve asked for, so get out there and do it!

We know Facebook inside and out

We’ve got a team of designers that could whip up a an eye-catching and professional-looking banner graphic for you faster than you can say ‘Facebook Timeline becomes mandatory on March 30th!” So take the time to compose yourself because this change is coming whether you’re ready for it or not. We’re here to make sure you’re prepared to tackle this switchover head-on with a jaw-dropping cover graphic. Contact us for more information about making your Facebook page an advertising powerhouse.

Photo courtesy of netzkobold