Remember the old days when a ‘tablet’ was just the fancy word your doctor used instead of saying pill. You should. Because in the world of gadgets, computer tablets are still the newbies, and have only been floating around your local Future Shops Best Buys (because we have one here now) for a few years. That being said, they are dominating and packing a huge punch in e-commerce. Despite the fact that tablets are still only a small drop in the pool of all the devices out there, they have surpassed smartphones in the amount of traffic they deliver to online shopping sites. Makes sense. We’ve got iPads and Playbooks floating around our office and when they’re not being used to take pictures of the legion of dogs playing around here, they’re used to ‘Add Cart’ a new outfit. They’re simply ideal for this purpose because smartphones are just too dang small to get a good view of the stitching on a new pair of oxfords, and laptops are clunky and you have to open them up… it’s just a hassle. PCs? I KNOW you’re not suggesting that we shop online at our desks because that would be an unnecessary distraction and a waste of precious time.

In Conclusion

In the end, the numbers prove it. Monetate crunched the stats and were able to show that tablet traffic increased 348% in the past year, beating out smartphone growth, while PCs took a dive. Apple’s new iPad boasts an awesome retina display, and the way we see it, it just makes it much better to see the detail in a new piece of pop art for the office on eBay. Sold.

Photo courtesy of Yagan Kiely