Web design plays a main role in many different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. The different areas of web design include, interface design, web graphic design, including standardized code and proprietary software; user experience design and search engine optimization.

Trends in web design can change and fade approximately as quickly as they become fashionable. However so far a handful of trends have really seemed to take web design by storm, and seem to be sticking. The design influence is simply a reflection of our culture and expectations for user interfaces.

Now we can see some modern trends in web design technology.

Vintage Typography

Large, bold retro-style type is very popular right now. This is one of the trend is one that has been around for quite some time and never seems to get old. Now itself, vintage typography is most commonly a central point in a minimalist design scheme. Also designers are really playing up vintage type and very little color, such as black and white palettes or a handful of muted colors.

Vibrant Color

Flat design has inspired a lot of derivative trends, including the use of intense color palettes with more hues than some designers are used to. Vibrant colors are Trending now are super bright, vibrant, saturated color palettes for web design and apps. Instead of selecting two or three colors to build upon, designers are creating wide color palettes with upward of five colors.


Ribbons are another element that designers have been using for a long time. But they seem to be making rather of a comeback. Particularly popular in one-page site designs, ribbons are the go-to tool for simple announcements or to showcase an award or acknowledgment.

Flat Icons

With flat icons are the most designers are jumping at a prospect to use it in some way. Icons are one of the most popular choices because of their flexibility. A designer can use flat elements in combination with some other less flat basics in the overall site design. In addition to flat icons, flat buttons are also trendy for designers looking to incorporate a touch of the trend to projects.

Social Media Badges

Marketing is one of the final determining factors in a website’s success or failure. Social media and viral marketing are exploding in many dissimilar websites. Digg used to reign popular in this domain but has since accepted to rivals like Reedit. But these are not the only two popular resources for sharing stories online. You can check nearly any social community for sharing badges and will possible find a great solution. You can put these badges pinned to blog posts and articles wherever in your layout.

Web design continues to forge its own path and move further away from being an extension of print design. It’s no longer something any designer can turn their hand to as more and more technological skills are needed and less print skills are portable.

Even though this constant evolution means you never feel like you know it all, it’s an astonishing area of design to work in and we should enjoy the challenges we face each day.