These days almost everyone uses their mobile phone for browsing the internet. If a website is not mobile friendly the majority of users will leave the site and find one that is. In this article you will learn why you need a responsive website and why it’s so critical for your business’ success, and how a Kelowna web design company can help you achieve that success.

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The Latest Statistics

Canada has one of the highest mobile usage country’s in the world. In 2016 there were over 30 million subscribers, and 29 percent of online traffic was generated by mobile phones in 2017. The number of mobile internet users is expected to increase to 28.6 million by 2021. These numbers alone show how important it is to have a mobile friendly responsive website.

Kelowna Web Design,Kelowna Website Design,Web Design Kelowna

User Experience

Google’s Think Insights on mobile has stated that if a user visits a site that is not mobile friendly, and they have a negative experience, they are 61% more likely to leave the site, and go to a site that is responsive. The user could potentially visit a competitor’s website as it was mobile friendly, and you have now lost the business. They also state that id the user has a positive experience on your website, they are 67% more likely to stay on the site and buy a product, or contact you for your services.

Kelowna Web Design,Kelowna Website Design,Web Design Kelowna

Keep it Social

These days it seems like everyone is glued to social media, and let’s take one guess as to the device they are using to do so. Statistics show that over 50% of people are using their mobile phones or tablets for social media. This is critical as these users will be sharing links to websites, blogs, and articles. If you’re website is not responsive than those millions of users will not be sharing your site on any social media platforms.

Kelowna Web Design,Kelowna Website Design,Web Design Kelowna

Search Engine Crack Down

Have you noticed that your competitions responsive website is a higher rank in google than your site, which is not responsive? Well this is because Google is now cracking down on responsive websites, and the sites that are not responsive are being punished.

Google’s algorithms accurately assign indexing properties to the page rather than needing to signal the existence of corresponding desktop/mobile pages. With a responsive web design, Google only needs to crawl your site or page once, instead of having to crawl the page multiple times to retrieve all versions of your site.

Kelowna Web Design,Kelowna Website Design,Web Design Kelowna

Be Faster than the competition

The load time of your website is one of the most important things you need to consider, and a responsive web design can help with that. If the speed of your website is slow and taking too long to load, the user will not wait and they will leave your site. Your website should load within 1-3 seconds on a mobile device max. Any longer than that you once again run the risk of losing a potential customer to the competition.

Kelowna Web Design,Kelowna Website Design,Web Design Kelowna

Adapt for the Future

The biggest benefit and advantage of having a responsive web design is that the template is made to work on any screen size, and the device itself doesn’t matter as much. Some changes may need to occur if a new device comes out with different standards, but the chances are slim.

This means that your website can stand the test of time, and when new devices come out in the future, your responsive website will still work and look amazing, with little to no fixes needed.

In Conclusion

If you want to move up in the ranks, leave the competition behind, and dominate your market, then we suggest taking advantage of the info above. Contact your local Kelowna web design company, Atomic 55, about getting a responsive website today!