Many webmasters are confused as to how they can attract thousands of visitors to their site every month. Driving high traffic is very important, but one more thing that has to be kept in mind is that your website design should make your visitors stay.

There are nearly 5 important website design tips that will make your site attractive. Following these 5 tips will not only attract more visitors but also motivate them to stay for a while which will give you a chance to let them know about your offers and turn them into newsletter subscribers.

Many websites face slow loading problem. Many websites take 20 seconds to load which is not good for a site as people don’t have time and patience to wait that long. To make your site fast-loading use more text and fewer graphic. If your web page takes more than 10 seconds to load you may lose half of your visitors. To make sure your website loads fast, view your site with slow connections. Reduce the size and number of graphics, if you site takes more than 10 seconds to load.

Your website should be like an open book. A visitor who visits your site should be able to find the information that he wants within a few seconds. Your visitor should not click on 10 links, scroll down each page and click on the back button several times to finally find the page they’re looking for. A visitor does not enter your website each time through the home page, especially if they find your site through search engines. Each page should have a title so that the visitor knows where he/she is and link to the most important pages of your website. Another way to make your site easy-to-navigate is using clear link texts. Visitors must know where each link will take them at a glance. For example, if you want to create a link to your order page, sale is not the right word but use order instead as it is common.

A visitor should be able to read the website easily. The most appropriate way to read is having black text on white background. If you use inappropriate colors, visitors will not read your copy as it may be difficult for them, and if no one reads your copy it may affect your sales.

Avoid using pop-ups as far as possible in a website. A pop-up is nothing but a small window that is opened when you click on a link and open or close a window. Many webmasters go overboard with pop-ups which only results in annoying visitors. Don’t think it is wrong! Using pop-ups can be an effective way to get a higher response to your offer. Pop-ups are best used to offers something of high value to your site visitors.

Before creating a website know the purpose. Do you want to sell your products or services? What do you expect from your site? While designing your website, see to it that graphics, titles and colors can help you achieve your purpose. Sometimes website owners forget that they have created a site to sell their product or service. Instead they focus on designing a sale-oriented website; all they’re trying to do is designing a “thing of beauty”. Design your website in such a way that make visitors interested in your offer and motivate them to buy.